S o, I chose a casual, but still chic 😉 outfit for a casual day.
I went for a shirt dress, which is always a good idea for a day out or at any event. I chose the sweater, the sandals and the bag in autumn hues, but you can choose any color you want.

3aI have a pair of earrings which are different but the same…does that make any sense? 🙂 …lol, but seriously now, they are different and the same ’cause they are both bow-shaped but each one has a different pattern. I wanted to add an interesting twist to my look, that’s why I thought about these earrings.
I think it’s the perfect outfit for a beautiful, sunny afternoon.
I took a walk in the park, and then I stopped by one of the most beautiful garden terraces in Bucharest for something sweet… we all feel the need for something sweet after school, right 🙂 ?
doina-1I also had a drink that I really like. It’s called Coconut Kiss. Basically a Pina Colada without alcohol… it’s very good. Btw, I know the recipe, someday I’ll share with you 🙂
I finished my stroll with a short visit at one of my friends.
It was a lovely September afternoon….
Bye now!