T his article is going to be about how I like to prepare for the “Back to school” day.
Enjoy it! 🙂


Ok , a lot of you guys have asked me to write a bit about the way I dress at school, so here it is 🙂
la-intrare-2On the first day of school, I’m wearing the school uniform (obviously 🙂 ), basically just a t-shirt with a collar with the school logo on it, and I always like wearing a sweater over it. You know, like a nice sweater or a good quality sweatshirt. I’m also wearing these beautiful pants with satin side stripes and my new trainers (which i love 🙂 ). And, of course, a backpack. I guess I dress pretty casual at school because … it’s school, but I still add a touch of elegance to each of my school outfits 😉

For accessories, I like to wear discreet earrings plus the watch, I think it really adds a nice touch to my look. I also wear rings sometimes but not those hello kitty ones 🙂 ’cause those aren’t the ones I’m talking about! I’m talking about nice, delicate rings.
If it’s a sunny day then shades are on.


For the hair, I like to make it curly, I think it looks amazing 🙂
and on lazy days I just tie a pony-tail very high up ’cause that’s how I like them.
Now, we all have those days when our hair looks like it hasn’t been washed in ages… I don’t know why, it’s just weird. I would recommend using dry shampoo, but not, and I repeat NOT if you have really fine hair like I do because you’ll only make it worse!
On those days I’ll just do a nice messy bun, it looks really cool.

deseneazaSo it’s really hard to find a nice notebook for school, especially if you’re like me and you’re not into all those barbie and spiderman patterns on your notebooks. If you want a simple, plain notebook you can just glue a white sheet of paper on it and boom ! You’re on! You got yourself a nice white notebook.
But I’ve found some nice, kraft brown notebooks and I’m using them this year. You can get them from Paperchase, which is a really nice store, I bought most of my supplies from their online shop and it’s really cool.
So, as I was saying, I got these simple brown notebooks but they were a bit boring, so I printed out some inspirational quotes (I really like those 🙂 ) and I just glued them on the covers. I also had a bunch of those landscape format notebooks and I made them look beautiful. I glued white paper on them and then I just drew on them. On the Biology one, I drew some roses, on the Geography one some watermelons and the Music one has donuts on it. I think they’re really cute! 🙂

I would advise you to pay attention to the details ’cause they’re really important!
I always buy flowers for my lady-teachers , I just think it’s a really nice gesture. I like to create my own bouquets of flowers, with the help of my mom 🙂
flori-1The result will look…wonderfully different.
Or you can just write them a note! They are really going to appreciate it, I promise you!
So, that was it for this “back to school” article!
I hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you next time!