Luna…my everything. My sunshine…my moonlight. My soul…my heart…
6When you’re happy, I’m happy. When you’re sad, I’m sad 🙁
You brighten up my day, with your cute little eyes, that sparkle like the diamonds in the sky. Oh, my Luna, how I love you….
And the innocent look you always give me, when I want to leave the room 🙂
The hours you spend lying with me…. And although you cannot speak a word, I understand every single move that you make.
You are the best cat in the world!
I hope you guys liked my little text about my cute cat, Luna, who, by the way, has an Instagram account now 😉 It’s so don’t forget to check that out.
You’ll find adorable posts of this kitty and I’m sure you will like them.
Speaking of cats, I would also like to recommend a movie to all the animal lovers out there. It’s called A Street Cat Named Bob and it’s an awesome film based on a true story about a down on luck street perfomer who meets a cat and then his whole life turns upside down. Based on the best seller of the same title, it’s a really moving story in my opinion and I’m sure it will inspire you all  🙂
Bye now!
xoxo, Noelle