Basically everything that’s linked to life…
It will include things about art and my fave painters or fave paintings. The world of art is just so inspiring to me…
Ok, so i will also be talking about music. I absolutely love music I actually sing and I really love it. And I also play the drums and the piano 🙂 I just think that music is so inspiring and i could talk about it 4 DAYS!!! The feeling when you sing or hear music or even write a song is just undescribable. I will talk about my fave singers, songs and things that are related to music.

Also I will be showing you guys lots of DIYs. (There will also be giveaways … )  I have always been in love with DIYs(that stands for do it yourself) and I would love to share them with you.
Will also share my personal opinions about the latest  movies, books, exhibitions, news, events … and of course about school, I have a lot to say about this 🙂
Lifestyle will feature this thing called GUESTS. On there I will be interviewing guests such as celebrities, singers, fashion icons 🙂  … or maybe just people that I like and appreciate, so you’ll also get to know more about them.
And that’s it for the lifestyle category.
Bye now!