This category is going to be about recipes that i personally like and how to generally keep your life healthy.
So, in order to achieve that you need to eat healthy food (duh!) such as salads, fish, fruits and stuff like that. It is OK if you are on a lazy Sunday night and you wanna stop by at the McDonalds drive-in to get a McChicken and fries… But don’t eat junk food too often because that is obviously not healthy (double duh!)

You need to do sport, be it going to the fitness gym or go jogging every morning, the important thing is to do some exercise daily. This helps you a lot, plus you’ll feel very good and refreshed doing it.
Also, you need to drink lots and lots of water. Now this may be a bit of a shock, but I personally DON’T LIKE WATER. I know, weird, right? I just think it has no taste. But I like juice. I know lots of people think that juice isn’t healthy at all but I drink it when I’m thirsty and I’m pretty healthy … so I don’t see the damage.
When I’ve got the time to do it, I like to make myself grapefruit or orange fresh natural juices. Those are really good!
So this category will mainly include healthy recipes and health advices, just my personal opinions.
Should be good for food addicts and sports addicts :0 out there…
This is just a little part of what you will see on my blog.
Bye now.

PS: Forgot to tell you,… I love baking sweets, can’t wait to share my recipes with you…