This category is going to be about my style and my opinions in fashion.
To start, my style is different ,  with an elegant/modern touch. I like wearing classic looks , but I will always add a surprising twist to them.
For example I really like the shirt & jeans look. But I would add a wonderful grey or black summer hat to it (you know those floppy ones) or a glamorous but yet simple necklace. I also pay a meticulous attention to little details like rings and earings …

I haven’t studied style (so far 🙂  ), but I grew up in a very fashion & creative inspired environment. I was more than once asked how many pairs of shoes or how many purses do I own… I’ve never counted them, I think their number doesn’t matter. What matters for me is beeing able to create something beautiful out of very little.
I hope you will fiind here things that will inspire you.
Alright,bye now.